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Update on Baby Griffin

By KimM
Created 2005-09-14 12:01

We heard from the family that adopted "our baby" formerly known as Song Tae Yoon, now Griffin! They call him Griffy or Spiffy- apparently he is quite the charmer and is the "star of the show" at his daycare. He's adjusted very well, can crawl around now, and laughs and waves at everybody!

We were very happy to hear about him and that he's a smiley baby. Even though he cried a lot when he was with us, I could tell the happy demeanor was inside him the whole time, it just was a lot of adjustments to go through. I guess he needed to cry out all the tears before he joined his family! :)

I've attached a picture they sent to us, I think you'll see a wonderful difference and the love this family has for him! The picture of him is when he was on the boat with Grandma for the first time. They look forward to keeping in touch so hopefully we'll continue to get updates.

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